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Polymer glue type

2020-10-22 15:38:44
Polymer glue type

Polymer glue refers to an adhesive specially used for bonding high polymer materials. Because of the low surface energy of the polymer material, the heat shrinkable tape is difficult to bond, so special adhesives must be used to achieve the bonding effect. "Polymer Adhesive" only refers to the adhesive used for bonding PVC boards. It is a non-solvent, high-strength, environmentally-friendly polymer adhesive. The polymer glues used in the market all use copolymer emulsions as mother liquor, and through enhancement and modification, they can meet the different requirements of the door industry, furniture industry, sound box industry and other industries. Due to the rapid development of the industry and the lagging government supervision, even the minimum industry standards have not been promulgated. This has caused the product market to be chaotic. We recommend empirical testing methods and standards.



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